Sunday, 18 December 2011

Palace of justice

 korang tgh buat ape skarang??online lettew...
hari ini saya,Syafiqah bt Fikri Abazah telah pergi melawat Istana Kehakiman. Istana Kehakiman itu terletak di Putrajaya.SAYA berasa amat gembira sekali. :)

we just arrive at the Palace.

In federal court library. let me introduce my partner:
3. young
4.atikah (one of the closest friend)
5.azlan from group D

see the old guys at the back?? these gentlemen are the former chief justice of malaya.

 discussing with the translator.

meet and greet with mannequin senior council.

jarjit wives.

jury no 1.

that's a wrap for today's hope to making a comeback to palace of justice as a lawyer. That is gonna require a lot of hard work.
so,aku hrp & doakan kite semua dpt ape yg kite impikan dan usahakan. Amin.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

thax for coming :)

THANK YOU korang sgt2! :D
maybe sebab u guys datang.. 
die ade semangat sket nk buat operation..
thax for the prayers.
now Aishah dah buat operation.
doc said " it was A MAJOR operation" ..
it took about 4-5 hours. and after the operation.. she will not fully recover..
she'll feel dizzy and nk muntah2.
just now die muntah darah..
sebab all the tubes yg masok thru her nose and kat saluran tekak..
tu yg menyebabkan die muntah darah.
but takde pape.. 
die dah ok. die skarang tak betul2 sedar lagi.
die still mcm mamai2 ... and baring jeh.
insyaallah hari jumaat die mungkin boleh discharge.
please PRAY for her health. :)

M :)

we are here now..